Monday, September 7, 2009

Third Reich Secret Weapons

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A letter from Paul Fritz-Németh Sr.

Hi Bradley,

I bought a German DVD about the secret weapons of the Third Reich. As I was watching it, it suddenly hit me, there were references constantly to the very active and effective Polish underground that was reporting about German activities involving Polish slave laborers. Two things struck me in particular, one how easy it was for the Poles to keep tabs on German activities and two, the Germans did let many prisoners go, either because their sentences were up or they stopped using them for other reasons.

Normally, documentary producers do not miss a chance to mention the "holocaust" whenever they can, yet in this documentary, not a word about it. Surely if the holocaust had been such a big deal, they would have brought up this important subject in their reports, yet not a word. One could argue that the Poles were even more anti-Semitic than the Germans, but surely not those which were sitting in the KZs with the Jews.

I believe that holocaust studies have introduced in some of the US schools, and even the head honcho of the US genuflects at the sound of that word. In my mind, allowing the study of the holocaust in your schools is not a necessarily bad thing, and I tell you why. First of all, those who teach it are as ignorant about it as those they are teach it to and they hope that the children will learn by rote and ask no questions.

BUT, and there is always a BUT, there will always be those who cannot help themselves and do the forbidden thing that is most normal to every child: They ask WHY, and the teacher will have to give a satisfactory answer. Unfortunately he/she will not be able to give it and the child will continue to ask and ask and ask. Once the seeds of doubt has been sown, there is no turning back and the story that was built on a lie will come unravelled. So you see Bradley, the holocaust proponents will eventually destroy themselves; all we need to do is fuel the fire of inquisitiveness and leave the rest to the new generation.

I have faith in the new generation and I am sure they will come to the same conclusions I did on my own about the Jewish holocaust, namely with all the other holocausts that happened before, during and after World War II, how come the only holocaust that needs to be protected by law is the Jewish holocaust. Just becasue our leaders' silence had been bought by a tiny Jewish minority, it does not mean to say that they can buy everybody's silence as well. Eventually even the American populus will wake up and realize that it had been taken for a ride. I am only sorry that I will not be alive to watch it happen.

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