Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harvard Crimson censors CODOH ad after one run

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A Letter To Crimson Readers

Published On Wednesday, September 09, 2009 12:19 AM


In yesterday’s newspaper, The Crimson ran an advertisement that questioned whether the Holocaust occurred and which unsurprisingly angered many members of the Harvard community. We did not intend to run the ad—a decision we made over the summer when it was initially submitted. Unfortunately, with three weeks of vacation between submission and publication, that decision fell through the cracks.

Yesterday’s advertisement was the result of that miscommunication. And while running the ad was not our intent, we accept responsibility for our failure to carry out the planned cancellation. We recognize how sensitive a subject this is for our community and appreciate all the e-mails and letters we have received about it from concerned members of the University. We have made sure that the rest of the ad’s planned run has been terminated, and any money that has changed hands in exchange for the ad to date will be returned.

We want to stress that we do not endorse the views put forth in any advertisement that runs in The Crimson, and this case was no different. That said, we do recognize that in our role as distributors we are responsible for the content that runs in our newspaper. And though we did seek to intervene in this case, we failed to see the process through to its conclusion. We will work hard to avoid such lapses in communication in the future, and hope our readers will accept that yesterday’s error was a logistical failure and not a philosophical one.


Maxwell L. Child
The Harvard Crimson

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  1. Half the fun of a sacred cow is poking it with sticks. There are those people who deny the Holocaust and recently Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, revealed he has now been convinced by half-baked, scurrilous "evidence" that he never landed on the moon, it was all done on a sound stage with smoke and mirrors. Perhaps he should have opened his face mask and found out for sure! Well, he never liked the limelight and this seems to be his revenge for it. Of course the Holocaust happened and of course we landed on the moon but it was all so long ago and we need to be tittilated now. What else never happened? Now we will get Elvis sightings, they've already found something from Bigfoot and have more aliens landed in that special area out in New Mexico? Ask them if they have a fast and easy way to make me look young again, will you?