Monday, November 30, 2009

Demjanjuk tried on Nazi death camp charges

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AP’s David Rising reports that John Demjanjuk was put on trial today charged with being an accessory to the murder of 27,900 Jews at the German camp at Sobibor more than six decades ago. The wheels of justice never stop turning for Germans and those who served Germans during WWII—always with the exception of Jews who served Germans during WWII.

Rising mentions Nazi “death camp” charges, Nazi “machinery of destruction,” and “the mass killing of Jews.” He doesn’t mention “gas chambers.” I take this to suggest that Mr. David Rising does not much believe the Sobibor gas-chamber-story. A reasonable man, perhaps.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holocaust Denial, Meet Climate-Change Denial

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These two denials will meet, December 3, in London, at an event held under the auspices of the Index on Censorship magazine. I celebrated what now is becoming known as ClimateGate on this blog a couple of days ago ("A Hack-in for the Rest of Us,") and now, the sort of institutionalized censorship arrayed against climate-change skepticism is being appreciated as similar to the grand-daddy of them all, the censorship of Holocaust skepticism. The perpetrators are different, the cause seems different, but the methods are the same, and money is coming from the same places - taxpayers like you and me.

Way back in 2006, a fascinating piece appeared in the Daily Articles of the Ludwig von Mises Institute that extensively adumbrated ClimateGate. It is a spoof e-mail from a "generic" colleague to Richard Lindzen, possibly the doyen of professionally qualified skeptics of the climate science of Global Warming, and it complains to him how his refusal to participate in the Climate-Change Industry is damaging not only his career, but the careers of his colleagues and the climate-change profession in general. In light of recent events, it seems especially percipient.

There's still time to get over to London in time for Censorship's event. But bring lots of warm clothing - it's cold in London this time of year, Global Warming or no.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Holocaust Denial is Pervasive, Growing, and Doomed"

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Sunday, November 22, 2009
Interview with Deborah Lipstatic - "Holocaust Denial is Pervasive, Growing, and Doomed"

November 22, 2009, CNN

by Michael K. Smith

New York City -- Speaking from the Bellevue psychiatric ward, where she is undergoing evaluation for advanced schizophrenia, Holocaust Confirmer Deborah Lipstatic today declared, "The situation is critical and victory is at hand," in the war on Holocaust heresy.

Lipstatic, Professor of Victimology at Coca Cola University in Atlanta, insisted that Holocaust denial is not a legitimate field of study and entirely worthless intellectually, which, she said, explains why she devotes herself night and day to refuting its claims.

This year marks nine years since historian David Irving lost his libel suit against Lipstatic, who chronicled her battle against him in her book, “Money Can't Buy Love But It Can Buy The Courts - How I Single-Handedly Defeated David Irving With Swarms of Lawyers and Researchers and an Avalanche of Holocaust Industry Cash" (Orthodox Books, 2000).

Legalienate's editors were generously granted a lengthy interview with her on the recently proclaimed Holocaust Obsession Day, which lasts for 24 weeks instead of what Lipstatic called the "stingy" 24 hours of the standard day. Speaking from the isolated back ward where she currently resides, she explained how to make failure look like victory, why freedom requires adherence to a single view, and how Holocaust denial plays a crucial role in forging Jewish identity, especially among gentiles.

LEGALIENATE: Nine years later, how would you characterize the Irving trial?

LIPSTATIC: It was a resounding victory for the world inside my head. I went head-to-head with the world's leading Holocaust denier and I single-handedly won a judgment stating that historical facts are not to be determined by the courts.

LEGALIENATE: But wasn't that obvious from the beginning?

LIPSTATIC: Not to me it wasn't.

LEGALIENATE: Have you solved the problem of Holocaust denial?

LIPSTATIC: Of course not. But we did provide precise explanations proving that what Deniers say are complete deviations from what we say. We didn't prove what happened, and nobody else better either, but [....]

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Hack-in for the Rest of Us

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With the effluent from the discouraging hack-in of David Irving's Web site being downloaded by holoterrorists all over the world, it is refreshing to see that hack-ins occur in our favor, too.

At first blush, the massive (60MB) leak of e-mails and other data from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia would seem to have little to do with the perpetuation and enforcement of Holocaust mythology. But regardless of your own position with regard to the "science" of human-originated global warming, the leak from the CRU is a blockbuster exposé of the role of profession-advancing enforcement of "consensus" among scientists and policymakers in subverting the entire academic establishment, "peer review" and all.

As with Holocaust perpetuation, the unholy alliance of government and the academy, fueled by money and the incessant quest for power, is what drives the Global Warming Industry, and sixty Megabytes of data prove this over and over again (you can download it all through the article linked above, just like you can download data said to come from David Irving's Web site).

Holohoaxers invariably cite "reputation," "academic standing," "peer review" and other talismans of orthodoxy when advancing their views of the Holocaust. The mendacity and manipulativeness of orthodox establishments of all kinds is indelibly illustrated in the data exposed by this magnificent event.

The emperor has no clothes.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wikipedia and the Holocaust

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“Born” decades after the end of the Holocaust, Wikipedia knows all about the Holocaust, including quite a bit of stuff that is either impossible or highly speculative, just like a lot of other people that young and older, too. The English-language Wikipedia has over one million articles, and in them, there are over ten thousand pointers to the over 700 categories and sub-categories concerned with “The Holocaust” (yes, I counted them, and yes, this is much less than six million).

In the aggregate, Wikipedia is “crowd wisdom,” in this case of a crowd most of whose members received extensive indoctrination in the mythology of the Holocaust in both their educations and from the popular culture. Vis á vis the world’s English-speaking population, the subgroup of contributors to Wikipedia’s content, of which I am one, contains overrepresentations of two groups: (a) younger, better-educated, computer-literate folks; and (b) members of groups considered to be victims of the Holocaust. Groups from which most Holocaust revisionists come are correspondingly underrepresented.

Wikipedia is justly famous as “the encyclopedia anyone can edit,” and I can attest to this attribute, as I have contributed two or three articles and edited several dozen other ones, including articles concerning the Holocaust. But the notion that “anyone can edit it” is seriously misleading, on two scores. The lesser factor is the ability “wall” that composition and entry of material places before less-experienced and –dedicated computists. Wikipedia has, in effect, an editing “language” which must be to at least some extent mastered to do anything more than cross a tee or dot an eye. I have devoted many hours to its mastery, and remain able only to enter the most-rudimentary embellishments on straight text such as a table or a footnote. It is far more-challenging than making this blog entry.

The other, far more-serious threat to the survival of anything you might enter into Wikipedia is Wikipedia “standards,” which I heartily approve in principle, that are enforced by an army of “Administrators” who constantly patrol new entries and “correct” (usually expunge) those that don’t meet their ideas of the standards. Among the standards are ones concerning “original research” and “verifiability.” Original research means you can’t enter stuff that isn’t published somewhere else, by someone else, including, fortunately, the Web. Verifiability comes to mean something pernicious on controversial points as to which competing points of view are published. It means, all too often, that whichever of the two points of view that is more supported by establishment authorities is favored, and the one(s) opposing it, either suppressed or given short shrift.

A sterling example of this is to be found in the (main) article on “The Holocaust,” as well as in “Holocaust Denial.” One of dozens of related articles, “Criticism of Holocaust Denial” contains, under the heading “Jewish Population,” (the first) three paragraphs whose import runs diametrically counter to the bias of most of the Administrators as I have experienced it. I am the proud author of these paragraphs, assuming they’re still there, which supplant an earlier version that my version both replaces and refers to. A(n un)suitably disposed Administrator may indeed have noted its thrust but left it intact because it is totally (and easily) verifiable—there are responsible Administrators, including some quite devoted to the mythology of the Holocaust. More likely, it hasn’t been discovered yet, at least by an irresponsible Administrator.

I’ve lost Wikipedia battles, too, including right there in the “Criticism” article. There is a heading, “Denial as Anti-Semitism” that I had the effrontery to change to “Anti-Semitism as a Motive for Denial.” I didn’t change anything in the section—just the heading. An Administrator whipped that baby right back where it came from (and as you see it now), noting that “informed opinion” establishes incontrovertibly that denialism is anti-Semitism.

Of course, having ready recourse to the counsel of my own sentiments, I know that statement can be totally untrue.

But Wikipedia doesn’t allow “original research.” Check it out, and contribute your own—that is, somebody else’s—wisdom.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Clemson University -- response to a confused and slanderous letter from History News Network

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Editor of the Clemson University Tiger:

Gord McFee of the Holocaust History Project finds it necessary to begin his comments on my “Eisenhower” ad by slandering me personally. I have “duped” the Tiger staff into running the ad. My goal is one of “deception, dishonest [sic] and duplicity.” My wish is that readers will “ask themselves the wrong question [who decides what the right question is—Gord McFee?].” My question is “dishonest” and I am “dishonest” and a “hypocrite” to boot.

Once Mr. McFee has purged himself, for the moment, of his personal animosity, he asks a perfectly reasonable question:

“Why would one expect Eisenhower to have discussed the gas chambers or the Holocaust? [the ad does not mention “Holocaust”]." Here I will suggest why I think he would have.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of Allied forces on the Western front. By 1943 it was getting about that the Germans had weapons of mass destruction (gas chambers) in which they were murdering perhaps millions of civilians with a particularly lethal gas.

Would the Commander in Chief of one army, faced with an enemy army in possession of weapons of mass destruction, have no professional interest in the matter? Does that make sense to you? If it does, I believe you have every right to say so and to say it in print and I will not slander you but will respond in a reasonable manner.

I do not believe it likely that the commander of one army, hearing that the commander of his opposing army has weapons of mass destruction and is using them at that moment to murder millions(?) of civilians, would not express some interest in the matter. Could the “gas” be delivered against his own troops in the field? How would he know if he did not look into the matter? Could the gas be delivered over the great populations centers in Central Europe? Would he have no interest in the possibility of such a scenario?

I believe the question is a reasonable one to ask in a university setting. And I find it interesting, though not surprising, that not one academic has chosen to reply to the question in the pages of the Tiger.

Bradley R. Smith

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Would You Buy an Apartment from This Guy?

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New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind has got a bridge he'd like to sell you--er, no, it's an apartment, actually, hardly a stone's throw from Israel in formerly Jordanian territory occupied by Israel in the 1967 War. Followers of Zionist politics in America recognize the name of Dov Hikind as the guy who led the effort in October to get American Express to abrogate its merchant agreement with David Irving, who soldiers on despite this and other serious harassment with his rounds of private visits with his devotees in cities across the United States.

While you're thinking about taking Dov's real-estate advice, you might wish also to consider his indictment and trial in 1998 for taking bribes for steering state and federal money to Jewish "non-profits" that themselves were embezzling much of the lucre, and were convicted of same at the same time as Assemblyman Hikind was acquitted by a jury of his peers.

The spectacle of an elected official in American government urging (certain of) his countrymen to purchase conquered real estate calls to mind the infamous Transfer Agreement arrived at between the young Nazi government of Germany and German Zionists eager to harness the growth of anti-Semitic policy there in aid of their own agenda of building the Yiruv--the then-embryonic Jewish community in Palestine. Dov's initiative lacks the support, as yet, of the government of his home country, and it more-explicitly supports Zionists' irridentist claims on the Holy Land, but it certainly does hark back to the earlier Nazi-Zionist agreement of the mid-1930s.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anti-Semitism: New Movie

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Every revisionist is accused (sooner, rather than later) of anti-Semitism - it doesn't come with the territory, really, but it comes, with breathtaking speed and vociferousness, just as soon as one expresses interest in the facts of the experience of European Jews in World War II.

Having grown up among, and being friends (and better) with many Jews, I have always been interested in anti-Semitism. Going public with my revisionist interests has produced many grossly incorrect (not to say, shrill and obscene) characterizations of my sympathies - illogically at that. If I'm anti-Semitic, would it interest me to minimize the dimensions and motivations of the holocaust? Quite the contrary - I would take satisfaction in its magnitude, and laud its purposes. Revisionism is, if anything, pro-Semitic, though the inquiry it entails puts a bad taste in one's mouth regarding the many "carpetbaggers" (Jewish and otherwise) taking a free ride on the holocaust train for their own benefit.

I just read a detailed review in Jewish Week of a new film out from Israeli Director Yoav Shamir called "Hashmata" ("Defamation" in English), and I have placed the not-yet-released DVD in my queue at Netflix. It sounds balanced, insightful and, for the severely alienated, an intelligent "view from the other side." Provisionally, I regard it as a view from much closer to our side than many of us might suppose (this is not a group, racial, or even identity matter, after all).

It must be the exceptional revisionist who resists all interest in anti-Semitism despite the yellow swastikas we're forced to wear, though the association between it and revisionism is nothing like the accusations. For those of us who share my interest, I (in advance of having seen it myself) recommend getting this movie.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Much of a Blog . . . Yet

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Though it treats perhaps the hottest old topic in American opinion today, this blog doesn't seem to have a lot of activity - at least in items posted - yet. I just got posting privileges, and perhaps I may improve matters over time.

I'm going to start out with bait, from other blogs (if you can't lick 'em, join 'em - or at least exploit 'em)! These are put here to encourage you two or three other visitors to: (a) enter this blog in your Favorites or Bookmarks, and visit back often; and (b) tell others about this blog. Both of today's purloined treasures arise from the sensational hack-in of David Irving's Web sites last weekend. By my count, at least two separate (?) organizations seem to be claiming responsibility for it, but information on the Internet truly is free, so each is claiming to have what in fact anybody can have, putatively from the victim Web sites.

The first one comes, I would say, from "the enemy," someone named Lemons whom Irving denied admission to his session in Phoenix not too long ago, evidently with good reason. In this case and in the other, the string of dozens and dozens of Comments is what's interesting, so don't neglect to view them, and infer what you may from the "balance" of opinion, as it were.

The second one comes from a "neutral," Wired Magazine, but again, the string of comments is from practically anybody but the neutrals. Both the article and the comments here are about one level higher than those for the Phoenix entry.

Check back here soon for more plagiarism. I'll be here, undoubtedly doing something disreputable. Maybe beneficial, too. Or even interesting . . .

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anti-Free Speech Mob attacks Irving's Website

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News this morning tells of hackers who broke into David Irving's Website(s) and internet accounts. They apparently stole private information including ID's and passwords and even bank account information. They took mailing lists and destroyed content on his Website. This same group, or an associated group also sought to have events on his speaking tour cancelled.

Those involved apparently think they are doing a good thing -- fighting "Holocaust denial," "neo-Nazism," "racism," add the slur, you get the idea. The value of free speech and a free press is completely lost on this crowd. They miss the point that their methods are in fact "fascist" or "Stalinist" in nature. The desire to prevent someone from sharing ideas which oppose your own is the type of dogmatic thinking that led to the burning of heretics, the witch trials, and the extremes of National Socialism and Communism.

For these hackers and "anti-Fascists," none of this matters. They are sure that they are right. In being so right, it is fair to stop the speech of those they oppose.

They miss the point that if the only speech we defend is that which we support, then freedom is lost. It is only offensive speech or speech we disagree with that NEEDS the protection of the law.

Many years ago Huey P. Long said, Fascism will come to America,but likely under another name, perhaps anti-fascism." Today it is clear that Fascism is live and well in the United States -- brought to you by those with little understanding of what they have done.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Clemson University Tiger publishes proscribed revisionist ad

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Bradley R. Smith, Founder
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro, California 92143

Desk: 209 682 5327

13 November 2009

The Clemson University Tiger published an ad this date asking why Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his book Crusade in Europe published in 1948, did not mention German weapons of mass destruction (gas chambers).

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) has run similar ads asking brief questions about World War II in student newspapers at some 30 colleges during 2009. Reaction to the ads has oftentimes caused some controversy, but nowhere has any academic attempted to answer the “Eisenhower” question.

In September, when this question was asked in the Harvard Crimson, special-interests put so much pressure on the Crimson that its president, and then the entire Crimson staff, apologized. They used a language that shamed them as men and women, and humiliated them as journalists. The Crimson staff actually wrote, under pressure, that such a question as the one I ask about Dwight D. Eisenhower should never again be asked in the pages of any student newspaper in America.

CODOH congratulates the Clemson Tiger in standing with the ideal of intellectual freedom in running this ad. Our ad “denies” nothing. Our ad makes no “accusation” against anyone. Our ad proposes no “conspiracy theory.” Our ad asks a question. Let’s see how many academics, let’s see if one academic, at Clemson University will try to answer the question in the pages of the Tiger.

CODOH is willing to be surprised.

CODOH would hope that special-interest groups would not try to publicly humiliate the editor and staff of the Tiger with the intention to institutionally “censor” this ad as they did the staff of the Harvard Crimson. For student journalists to refuse to break under special-interest attack by influential and highly connected individuals and groups takes a special self confidence, and an especial respect for the ideal of a free exchange of ideas.

It’s what is known as “journalistic integrity.” If that is not what it is known as, we are here to be corrected.

The President of the Harvard Crimson apologies

The Crimson Staff: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Journalism