Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Much of a Blog . . . Yet

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Though it treats perhaps the hottest old topic in American opinion today, this blog doesn't seem to have a lot of activity - at least in items posted - yet. I just got posting privileges, and perhaps I may improve matters over time.

I'm going to start out with bait, from other blogs (if you can't lick 'em, join 'em - or at least exploit 'em)! These are put here to encourage you two or three other visitors to: (a) enter this blog in your Favorites or Bookmarks, and visit back often; and (b) tell others about this blog. Both of today's purloined treasures arise from the sensational hack-in of David Irving's Web sites last weekend. By my count, at least two separate (?) organizations seem to be claiming responsibility for it, but information on the Internet truly is free, so each is claiming to have what in fact anybody can have, putatively from the victim Web sites.

The first one comes, I would say, from "the enemy," someone named Lemons whom Irving denied admission to his session in Phoenix not too long ago, evidently with good reason. In this case and in the other, the string of dozens and dozens of Comments is what's interesting, so don't neglect to view them, and infer what you may from the "balance" of opinion, as it were.

The second one comes from a "neutral," Wired Magazine, but again, the string of comments is from practically anybody but the neutrals. Both the article and the comments here are about one level higher than those for the Phoenix entry.

Check back here soon for more plagiarism. I'll be here, undoubtedly doing something disreputable. Maybe beneficial, too. Or even interesting . . .

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