Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazon Kindle Books, leading the way to darkness

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Oct. 15, 2009--10:55pm
New York City

From Michael Santamauro

Now it is all 22 of the Kindle books from Theses & Dissertations Press that is part of The Holocaust Handbook Series of 22 titles, have been banned from Amazon. This all happened today, at a slow moving process without Amazon telling me they were doing this, nor will they tell me why they did it. The softcover editions are still available. I hope this is a mistake on the part of Amazon.

When you click on the banned title it says it cannot be sold to registered Kindle users in the United States. Until last week all the millions of Kindles (E-readers) were only registered in the United States. Maybe the new international version of the Kindle is putting a block on Holocaust Revisionist books that is causing this confusion in their system.

This is the first time in Amazon's short history in selling books wirelessly with the Kindle (E-reader), that they have banned books for their content. They sell millions of books a month with their Kindle.

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